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Factors to Consider as you Shop for a Wine Cooler

Wine has to be stored under the right temperatures if you are to enjoy it. You need to do so whether you are new or a veteran to wine tasting. There is a need for you to invest in a wine cooler if you will keep up this habit. There are so many types out there, which might confuse you. You therefore need to think of several things as you choose the coolers, to make the right one.

When you are out looking for a wine cooler, it is essential that you remember that different wines need to be stored at different temperatures. In many cases, you can store wines at around 55 degrees. This is the normal underground temperature. Caves and wine cellars, where most wine used to be kept maintain this temperature. But for serving, the temperatures shall be different. Red wines are best served at room temperature. This is 60 to 65 degrees. White wines should be served chilled, not too cold. Serve it at 50 to 60 degrees. Sparkling wines need to be served cold. 40 degrees, therefore, is ideal.

You need to decide whether to buy a single zone or a dual zone cooler. In single zone cooling, there shall be one prevalent temperature in there. A small cooler shall work best with such a zone. You will also find it best for long term storage. You can then use dual zone coolers for keeping different types of wine. If you have guests over most of the time, this shall serve you well. They can offer variety. You can also buy it when you are new to taking wine and so need variety.

There is also a need to look at the safety features of the wine cooler. Since it shall be in your house, you will need a child lock on it. You should not allow access to wine for small children and curious teenagers. To read the wine bottles better, you need one with LED lighting. LED lights produce enough light without changing the temperature in the cooler. Those who go for glass doors for the cooler need to make sure it is triple paned for better insulation.

Other features to think of including a wine rack. A good one would have smooth rolling, wooden shelves for keeping the wine bottle in their sides. This shall keep the corks moist and allow you to see every bottle. The stainless steel variety shall also serve you well. This will look great and then serve you well for a long time to come.

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